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The Lovers | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Lovers is a beautiful card of soulmates, twin flames, and heart-centered decisions. The Lovers represent connections, partnerships, and choices. The card portrays Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, naked, showing their vulnerability. This card holds the Gemini quality of decisions and duality.

The Lovers tarot card surrounded by crystals
The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers card in Tarot embodies themes of love, partnership, and choice. It signifies deep connections, harmony, and union in relationships, representing the power of love to bring fulfilment and spiritual growth.

This card often indicates important decisions guided by the heart and a commitment to following one's true desires. It encourages us to align with our values, make choices that resonate with our authentic selves, and cultivate meaningful connections with others.

The Lovers card reminds us of the beauty and complexity of love, urging us to nurture our relationships with trust, communication, and mutual respect.

The Lovers Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Soulmates, twin flames, choices from the heart, dualities, relationships, commitments, business partnerships, past-life connections, fated lovers, emotional connections

Imbalance, miscommunication, fear of decisions, distance, relationship breakups, relationships that need healing, being too independent in a relationship, failed business partnerships

Imagery & Symbolism

The Lovers tarot card depicts two people looking up towards an enlightened figure. They represent Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Between them is a mountain with clouds above, and they are outside on grass. There are trees by them, one of which bears fruit.

The Lovers tarot card surrounded by crystals
The Lovers Tarot Card

Clouds: Signifies thinking and communication of thoughts, as well as the element of air.

Adam and Eve: Represent the lovers, the soulmates, and that they are made for each other.

Garden of Eden: Symbolises a beautiful and loving paradise.

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: Symbolises the two representing sides of good and evil, with Eve looking away and up at the Angel instead, to choose and make a difficult choice.

Serpent: Symbolises temptation, seduction as well as poison and sacrifice.

Nakedness: Symbolises freedom, and honesty, and that there is nothing to hide behind.

Archangel Raphael: The angel of healing, giving them blessings.

12 Flames on a Tree: Symbolises passion and the twelve signs of the astrological zodiac.

Sun: Symbolises joy, energy, warmth, love, and passion.

Volcano: Symbolises passion and eruption of sensuality.


The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings


In general, The Lovers signify a deeper connection with yourself and others on a more intimate level. The card also signifies making strong heart-felt choices and major decisions that could impact your future. This is a card that says you need to listen to your heart when it comes to making decisions.

The Lovers can also signify a temptation of the heart in which a choice should be considered deeply and not taken lightly. These choices can be emotional and may even bring heartache or sacrifice.


The Lovers typically means that there is some form of disharmony or imbalance in your life. This could be stemming from a conflicting or separated relationship, or from indecision or fear of making a difficult choice. You may also find it difficult to have a good relationship with your internal self.



The Lovers represent soulmates and twin flame connections. These can be past life connections or parts of your soul returning. They are deep bonds that cannot be compared. If you are single, there could be new friendships with common interests coming or new relationships that are fueled with passion and deep intimacy, unions, and next-level partnerships. This card can also signify deep choices about commitments and love.


The Lovers can signify imbalance and tension within a relationship. There could be distance or detachment between you and your partner, which is causing conflict and tension. There may be a lack of mutual agreements and common goals. There is also a possibility of diminished passion and sexual attraction.



The Lovers signify relationships within the work environment or business partnerships or contracts. There could be deep soul choices and decisions about your career or business, and there is a possibility for romance at work as well.


The Lovers can signify romance happening in the workplace that is bound to fail or cause conflict and tension. The Lovers can also signify business partnerships that are conflicting or that have disagreements. There may also be a lack of colleague loyalty.



The Lovers can signify financial decisions and choices that are of high importance and impact. These choices must come from the heart and be thought about deeply. There is a possibility of sharing wealth if in a relationship or partnership and coming to mutual decisions together.


The Lovers can suggest that you are making imbalanced decisions about finances, or are unable to come to decisions. There may be a tendency to impulse by, overspend, or underspend. The Lovers can also signify financial partnerships, investments, or business money that is unstable.



In regards to wellness, The Lovers can signify difficult choices that you have to make regarding treatments or medical advice. Your emotional self needs care and healing, as well as your heart chakra. You are likely to have a great emotional support system.


The Lovers can signify an imbalance or lack of harmony when it comes to your personal well-being. Sometimes as an internal card, the Lovers can signify a lack of connection with yourself and your soul. It is important to take some time to reconnect with who you truly are.



As an individual, the Lovers represent a person who is passionate and fulfilled in their emotional self. This individual is full of love to give and receive, and they can make healthy strong choices. They are willing to understand you on a mutual and communicative basis, and it is likely this person is highly connected to you, possibly with a past life and soulmate connection.


The Lovers can indicate an individual who may lack faith and loyalty in connection with others. They are likely unable to commit and stay in strong partnerships, whether romantic or business. This may also be an individual who is unable to make solid important decisions and may be indecisive at times.


The Lovers card in the tarot signifies deep connections, harmony, and union. It represents the power of love, mutual respect, and emotional fulfilment in relationships. This card suggests a strong bond between partners based on trust, communication, and shared values. It embodies the idea of choice and alignment with one's true desires, indicating a union that brings joy, growth, and spiritual connection.

The Lovers card can also symbolise important decisions guided by the heart and a commitment to following one's passions and inner guidance, ultimately leading to unity and fulfilment in love and partnerships.


Conversely, the Lovers card in a negative context may signify disharmony, conflict, or imbalance within relationships. It can represent indecision, inner conflict, or confusion about matters of the heart. This card may indicate a lack of alignment with one's values or a breakdown in communication and trust between partners.

In its shadow aspect, the Lovers card may symbolise unhealthy attachments, codependency, or unrealistic expectations in relationships, leading to disappointment and disillusionment. It can also suggest temptation, infidelity, or difficult choices that challenge the integrity of a partnership.

Overall, the negative interpretations of the Lovers card remind us to address underlying issues, cultivate self-awareness, and strive for authentic and balanced connections in our relationships.