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The Tower | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Tower card embodies a sense of chaos, symbolising a necessary and inevitable divine intervention. The universe is orchestrating transformative changes, compelling the removal of outdated and unstable beliefs and foundations.

The Tower Tarot Card surrounded by crystals
The Tower Tarot Card

While this might manifest as a dramatic shock or event, it is crucial to confront your life with honesty and avoid adopting a victim mentality. Delve into the root cause to understand the underlying forces at play.

The Tower Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

New beginnings, taking a risk and being prepared to succeed or fail, new opportunities, a child, the ultimate entrepreneur

Rushing into a decision, being naïve, taking a risk without preparation, and being childish

Imagery & Symbolism

The imagery of The Tower card in tarot typically features a tall tower struck by lightning, causing flames and destruction. The Tower is often situated on a desolate landscape, with stormy clouds emphasising the chaos and upheaval.

Figures may be shown falling from the tower, symbolising a sudden and dramatic change. The overall scene conveys a sense of shock, upheaval, and the breaking down of established structures.

The Tower Tarot Card surrounded by crystals
The Tower Tarot Card

Crown Falling: The crown falling can be interpreted as the crown chakra going through internal changes of beliefs, as well as enlightenment.

Black Background: The background indicates mystery, as well as not being able to see clearly what is going on.

Lightning Bolt: The bolt is significant of a sudden shock, the arrow on the end can be interpreted to say that divine intervention was involved, as there is a target.

Fire: Fire is symbolic of destruction, and things turning to dust or nothing. This is symbolic as The Tower tends to symbolise a crumble and a need to rebuild.

Twenty-Two Flames: These flames can be signs of the 12 signs in the zodiac and the 10 points of the Tree of Life. You can also interpret this as the total number of Major Arcana cards - which are life lessons. This can be interpreted as divine intervention by spirit.

Smoke: The smoke can signify a lack of clarity and not seeing the situation.

Crumbling Foundation: The foundation below is rocky, sharp, and unstable, whilst the tower above is built solid and stable. This can suggest that although on the surface above things seem stable, underneath the core foundations will eventually fall apart, destroying the entire tower.

Three Windows: The windows are dark inside, which means you cannot see what goes on within, however, all is being revealed on the outside. The number three can be significant as it is the number before four. Four is a number signifying foundations, buildings, and structures. Three can signify progress and wait for results. As this is the number before, it can indicate a stepping stone toward the structure.

Character 1: One figure jumps out wearing a red and blue outfit, the red can be signs of fear, anger, passion, and energy, whilst the blue represents calmness, confidence, trust, and emotions. This figure likely jumps by force and fear, rather than choice.

Character 2: The second figure jumps out wearing all blue, signifying their trust and confidence in the divine. This figure likely jumped by choice and trust.


The Tower Tarot Card Meanings


In a general reading, The Tower indicates an unforeseen change due to the foundations not being stable and solid. This was bound to happen in due time, and now the spirit is pulling the rug beneath your feet to say it's time for restructuring.

This unexpected chaos typically can indicate a spiritual awakening, or deep truths being revealed. It can also be interpreted as a release of what no longer serves you being forced upon you.


The Tower can be interpreted as resisting this unforeseen change. This can be an entire rejection of change or a refusal to change your internal belief systems.

This refusal and resistance will eventually turn out for the worse, as the more change is refused, the more it ends up being forced on you. Alternatively, The Tower can suggest fearing change, and instead completely avoiding a chaotic situation.



When The Tower appears in a relationship reading, it can signify there are weak relationship foundations that are eventually going to cause relationship tension and struggle. The Tower can also indicate partners with opposing beliefs, which cause internal and external tension.

It is important to know that the relationship needs time for serious rebuilding, but it is not the end. In these circumstances, the relationship hasn't been built on solid foundations; over time, the foundation weakens and crumbles. Alternatively, outdated relationship beliefs are being restructured.


The Tower can indicate relationships breaking down due to internal causes. There could be possible belief systems that are being uprooted and changed, particularly if they are causing differences between you and your partner.

However, when in reverse, this can indicate that one party may be avoiding this change or completely rejecting these new beliefs and ideas. There may be a huge fear around change, and avoidance and refusals may be wreaking havoc on the relationship.

Avoiding and rejecting these changes will only make things worse, as change will be forced more destructively and negatively. It is important to allow change and breaks, to start to rebuild new relationships and begin moving forward positively.



In a career, business, or job-related reading, The Tower can indicate business downfalls, recessions, and huge losses. There may be possible corruption in the workspace being revealed. It is important to try to figure out the root of the issues so that rebuilding and restructuring can take place.


The Tower can indicate clinging onto outdated beliefs within a workplace or your career. There may also be internal business changes, and due to this, you are having trouble adapting to the changing ways your job or career is developing.

You may be having an internal career crisis, causing you to think about your future and what you want to truly do on your soul's journey. It is important to go with the flow in these situations, as the spirit knows what is best for you.



The Tower appearing in a financial reading can indicate large financial losses and breakdowns of your current financial situation. These can indicate losses related to businesses or personal situations, however, this can also be a wake-up call to improve and rebuild your finances. The Tower's appearance can also indicate this is a financial situation that is long overdue.


The Tower can indicate that you have avoided a disaster in your finances, this could indicate not taking responsibility for your finances, or just having a near-miss event. Either way, the Tower can serve as a warning for you to not repeat your financial mistakes.



When The Tower card emerges in a reading focused on well-being, it may signal unforeseen disruptions, such as sudden ailments or accidents. Additionally, it could point to potential challenges, including unexpected setbacks in mental well-being, leading to heightened stress and emotional upheaval. Prioritising self-care becomes paramount during this period, and seeking appropriate guidance and support is crucial.


The Tower card may symbolize disregarding or outright denying an ailment or a cautionary signal. It could also signify dismissing professional assessments out of apprehension about their validity. You might be grappling with internal turmoil and resisting seeking assistance despite the need for support.

Conversely, The Tower can represent internal metamorphosis and recuperation, gradually reconstructing oneself after a tumultuous episode.


As a personality, the Tower can indicate an individual who has explosive tendencies, such as anger issues. They may be slightly chaotic without warning, or possibly aggressive or violent. This individual may be immature and needs time to restructure their core belief systems and values.


The Tower card heralds a profound shift that ultimately leads to your greatest benefit. It signifies a time of profound revelations and truths coming to light, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your path.

Embrace this period as you undergo an intense spiritual awakening, where new insights and perspectives will illuminate your journey. Trust in the transformative power of this experience as it propels you towards growth, wisdom, and a heightened awareness of your spiritual essence.


The Tower card warns against the consequences of evading a looming catastrophe or stubbornly rejecting new ideologies and structures. It signifies a period of existential crisis, where profound doubts about life's purpose may arise, casting uncertainty over your path.

You might find yourself paralysed by a fear of change, hesitant to embrace the necessary upheaval. However, it's imperative to surrender to the process, acknowledging that transformation is inevitable and trusting in its eventual guidance.




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