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Three of Pentacles | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Three of Pentacles portrays three people, one teacher and two students listening in on an education lecture within a class or prestigious facility.

Three of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meanings

Working day, progress, learning, career movement, earning money, making a living, apprentices, studying under someone, self-development, skills.

Lack of motivation, out of work or education, making no or little progress, obstacles or delays in work.

Imagery & Symbolism

Three of Pentacles
Three of Pentacles

Three People: The three people represent one teacher and two students. This can be symbolic of having a mentor or working as a team.

Table: The mentor is on the table, looking down at the students; this means he has the authority and knowledge to teach them.

Architecture: The building is very similar to an educational institution or environment.


Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings


The Three of Pentacles will typically appear when extra learning or study is needed. It doesn’t matter how old you are; we learn new things every day, which is how we get through difficult situations.

The Three of Pentacles usually depicts the everyday life of the working person, earning their keep to make a living. They are not at the stage they want to be just yet and are progressing towards that.


The Three of Pentacles can mean you are working alone or without the help or support of others. It can be challenging to work as a team, mainly if people around you are envious or are creating tensions between a group.



In a relationship reading, the Three of Pentacles indicates a relationship full of things to learn. You and your partner will be learning about each other and developing your knowledge in that way, which will progress the relationship further. It may also be possible that you are both working towards particular relationship goals, such as moving in together or marriage.


The Three of Pentacles in a relationship or romance reading will indicate that you and your partner do not fully understand each other due to unknown differences. You do not know enough about each other to deal with conflicting situations. It would help if you spent time together to learn about each other’s thoughts and habits; this will allow your relationship to progress.



In a work-related reading, the Three of Pentacles means that your career, job, or business is progressing steadily. You are working towards your goals well, and things are moving positively. You may be learning under a mentor or taking up a new course taught by someone else.


The Three of Pentacles means that you do not know enough about your current job, work, or career path. You may need to study further about specific things to understand how to progress. For example, business owners need to know the ins and outs of running a successful business, and someone who works in a particular field needs to know about that field.



In a financial-related reading, the Three of Pentacles means that you are working steadily towards your financial goals. If you have a goal in mind, you will likely achieve it if you carry on how you are. You have not reached your financial goals yet, but you are nearing them. You may also need support in reaching these goals.


The Three of Pentacles will indicate obstacles or blockages in achieving your financial goals. Perhaps, you may need to learn more or educate yourself about managing your financial situation. You may also request the help of a financial advisor.



In a wellness reading, the Three of Pentacles suggests you are making steady progress in your health goals or health condition. If you have been unwell, progress has been made steadily; if you have specific goals to reach, you are also steadily achieving them.


The Three of Pentacles means that you are finding it difficult to reach specific wellness or fitness goals. If you have been unwell, it may be beneficial to request help or assistance from a medical professional regarding why your wellness may not be progressing as quickly as it should be. You may also need to learn about your condition or the different methods and ways to achieve your wellness goals.