What is Mediumship? | A Helpful Guide to the Medium.

A societal perspective of a medium is someone who can communicate with those who have passed on and give some form of evidence and messages from the actual spirit who has passed.

It may be helpful to know the difference between the terms used in this type of practice. Many may call themselves a "psychic medium", "psychic reader", "tarot reader". There are many differences and knowing the differences can help differentiate abilities.

A Tarot Reader is someone who can read tarot cards and knows the meanings, but may not 'tune in'. However, if you put in you were a Psychic Tarot Reader, the word psychic can help clients understand you have the ability to use your intuition to tune into the energies of the cards and the situation of the client to receive information from the source. A psychic medium is someone who can both connect with energies as well as connect/communicate with those in spirit. If that was confusing, here is a small run-down.

From my own understanding of being a medium, either through the experience of doing a reading or not, a medium is a person who has the ability to be the 'middle-person' and communicate both between those of the spiritual 'higher' realm, and can relay and pass messages to those living, hence the name 'medium' as they are the person who stands in the middle between the spirit, and the living.

However, what is actually happening is a medium is raising their vibration to adjust or match the vibration to those in spirit, whereas the spirit themselves may have to lower their vibration to be on the same vibration as the medium so that they can meet in the middle and communicate easier.

When I talk about vibration, everything in this universe is vibrating at different levels and speeds. This is why when we talk about crystal healing, each crystal has a different vibrational effect on the body, which can in turn allow our body's vibration to match that of the crystal to promote alternative healing.