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What is Mediumship? | A Helpful Guide to the Medium.

A societal perspective of a medium is someone who can communicate with those who have passed on and give some form of evidence and messages from the actual spirit who has passed.

It may be helpful to know the difference between the terms used in this type of practice. Many may call themselves a "psychic medium", "psychic reader", "tarot reader". There are many differences and knowing the differences can help differentiate abilities.

A Tarot Reader is someone who can read tarot cards and knows the meanings, but may not 'tune in'. However, if you put in you were a Psychic Tarot Reader, the word psychic can help clients understand you have the ability to use your intuition to tune into the energies of the cards and the situation of the client to receive information from the source. A psychic medium is someone who can both connect with energies as well as connect/communicate with those in spirit. If that was confusing, here is a small run-down.

From my own understanding of being a medium, either through the experience of doing a reading or not, a medium is a person who has the ability to be the 'middle-person' and communicate both between those of the spiritual 'higher' realm, and can relay and pass messages to those living, hence the name 'medium' as they are the person who stands in the middle between the spirit, and the living.

However, what is actually happening is a medium is raising their vibration to adjust or match the vibration to those in spirit, whereas the spirit themselves may have to lower their vibration to be on the same vibration as the medium so that they can meet in the middle and communicate easier.

When I talk about vibration, everything in this universe is vibrating at different levels and speeds. This is why when we talk about crystal healing, each crystal has a different vibrational effect on the body, which can in turn allow our body's vibration to match that of the crystal to promote alternative healing.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form into another" (Albert Einstein).
“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way" (Albert Einstein).

Anyone can raise their vibration to become more in touch with their own spirit guides, passed loved ones, or to practice mediumship, however becoming a medium involves dedication and practice to those who it doesn't come to naturally.

Mediums must work to keep their vibration high so that it will not directly influence their readings. Ways to do this include meditation, sitting in the power, eating and drinking healthily, spending time in nature, doing enjoyable activities, staying active and more.

I believe some spirits in the spirit world are harder to connect to than others. This may be because their vibration is higher, so the medium must put more work into reaching this vibration. Examples can include spirit guides, ascended masters and archangels, who are more powerful than passed loved ones, so their vibration is higher.

Many people think that being a medium means that the spirit can easily pass on information just like we would talking to people in the spiritual realm, as if it's a general conversation between humans. Hence why there is debate around whether or not they are actually talking to their loved ones. Especially if the client asks for proof, such as, "what is the place John used to visit with me". This is where the client tends to test the medium, and some mediums I believe can give an answer to this, others cannot.

I do believe some mediums can answer things that only the client would know which can make mediumship reading an amazing way to receive evidence that your loved one is on the other side.

However, it is important to understand that almost every medium is different. So, it's more about finding the best medium that works for you.

Most people have good days at work and bad days at work. If you are supposed to work a 9am-5pm job on a Saturday and you are really not feeling very well, most people would take a day off. It's the same for a medium, as they are human too. Some days are better than others in terms of working with spirit.

All mediums are different, have different beliefs and ways of working, so depending on the medium you will go to, how they work professionally will vary. Some may ask for the person's name, some may ask for a specific object or photograph of them to tune in to, some may not even ask and just tell you who is around you.

For me personally, when I bring a passed loved one in I tend to feel them first using my clairsentience and try to tune into their personality and who they were when living. This is when I try to gather evidence on who they are for the client.

With spirituality and mediumship, it is a person's own soul journey. So beliefs will vary dramatically through their own experience being a medium. Another popular belief is that mediums are born with the gift and cannot develop. This is not true. I've managed to pick up on some solid evidence of passed loved ones when I have practised my mediumship on strangers. I actually believe anyone can become a medium, but it just takes dedication, commitment, and hard work.


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Jun 02, 2021

Hi Amber! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog post. I learned more about what a Medium is from this post. It was a lovely read. I typed in Medium and this gif showed up. I couldn't resist! I appreciate this article so much.

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Haha thank you 😂❤️ Truly appreciate it!


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