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Wheel of Fortune | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

A card decided by fate, fortune, and luck, the Wheel of Fortune leaves it up to destiny. Depending on your karma and choices, this can be a make-it-or-break-it fortune. The wheel can be influenced by karma, meaning it is very flexible where fate is not yet decided. This fate can be quick, steady, slow, sudden, or long-term.

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card surrounded by crystals
Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot embodies the concept of fate, cycles, and unexpected changes. It signifies the ebb and flow of life's fortunes, where circumstances can shift suddenly and unpredictably.

At its core, the card suggests that life operates in cycles of ups and downs, and one must be prepared to navigate these changes with resilience and adaptability.

The Chariot Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Luck, going with the flow, opportunities, taking chances, unexpected events, positive karma, destiny, completion of cycles

A period of stagnation, delays, or missed opportunities, indicating resistance to change, an inability to adapt, bad luck, setbacks, or unexpected obstacles, warning against ignoring signs

Imagery & Symbolism

The imagery on The Wheel of Fortune card in a tarot deck typically features a large wheel positioned vertically. Within each section of the wheel, there are various symbolic figures or creatures. At the top of the wheel, there may be a celestial figure or an animal, often representing higher forces or destiny. In contrast, the bottom of the wheel might depict a creature associated with earthly or primal aspects.

Around the outer edges of the wheel, there are usually additional figures or symbols, each contributing to the overall cyclical and dynamic nature of the imagery. These elements may be portrayed in a continuous, circular motion, emphasising the perpetual movement of the wheel.

Wheel of Fortune tarot card surrounded by crystals
Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Sphinx Holding a Sword: Represents the fusion of knowledge and strength, embodying the power that comes from wielding wisdom.

Snake: Symbolises the allure of temptation and seduction, warning of the potential for encountering misfortune if one succumbs to its charms.

Devil: Represents the embodiment of evil forces and the presence of adversity or challenges that may lead to misfortunes.

Clouds: Symbolise the realm of the mind and intelligence, suggesting the influence of thought and perception on one's experiences and outcomes.

Alchemical Symbols: Inscribed within the wheel, the alchemical symbols for mercury, Sulphur, water, and salt represent the four elements, embodying the transformative forces at play in the cycle of life.

Four Winged Creatures: Each creature corresponds to a fixed sign of the zodiac, with the Angel representing Aquarius, the eagle signifying Scorpio, the lion embodying Leo, and the bull symbolising Taurus.

Books: Signify the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, emphasising the importance of continuous learning and education in navigating life's cyclical journey.


Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings


When the Wheel of Fortune appears in a general reading, this card implies that you need to roll with what happens for now. Nothing is set in stone, and everything is left up to fate. It is important to let go of the need to control situations and trust destiny.

Usually, it is an indicator of significant change on the horizon, and these changes could be positive or negative, however, ultimately it is important to know that spirit has your highest good in store for you.


The Wheel of Fortune suggests that your fate may have taken a slight turn and you may be misfortunate. The Wheel is consistently in motion, and it seems to have landed at the bottom, however, this is only temporary and your fate will change soon.

It is important to remember to go with the flow, as sometimes the Wheel of Fortune in reverse can indicate trying to force or influence control in a situation. The lesson of this card is to let go, allow, release and navigate change so you can learn the lesson and move forward.



In a relationship reading, the Wheel of Fortune indicates that it is important to embrace relationship lessons, even if they are good or bad. They are part of your destiny as all relationships teach you valuable lessons.

If you are single, do not get caught up in the idea of searching for 'the one', as love will come to you. I would also read the Wheel of Fortune appearing as a card of divine timing, so things that are happening now for you, are supposed to happen. Lessons are being learned, and cycles are moving forward consistently regarding love. There may also be important changes happening in your relationship or adjustments needed.


The Wheel of Fortune appearing can suggest that external events are negatively influencing your relationships. You may be feeling like your romantic and personal relationships are out of control and you are struggling to adapt to the changing circumstances.

Sometimes the Wheel of Fortune appearing can be a card of karmic fate, as in what you put out into the universe is what you will receive back.



The Wheel of Fortune appearing can indicate new fortunes regarding work, career, or business. Do not try to control it and be open to new lessons and opportunities. There may be possible business changes or changes in incomes and positions.

Alternatively, the Wheel of Fortune is also a card of adaptability and going with the changing flows in a work or career environment. It is important to go with the flow, and not force control.


The Wheel of Fortune can indicate an inflexibility to adapt to changing situations in your job, career, or business. You may be attempting to force or control situations, that are caused by external factors.

If issues are appearing in the workplace, you have to go with the flow and not resist it, solutions will appear in due time, and it may be time to ask your guides and angels for advice and guidance.



The Wheel of Fortune appearing in a financial reading can indicate good opportunities or luck when it comes to your finances or material possessions. It is important to understand that this luck is very flexible, and can easily change depending on actions, choices, and fate.

Your finances could be taking a turn for the better, or for worse, however, you need to be able to be flexible and adapt quickly to the changing fates of your finances.


The Wheel of Fortune can suggest an unexpected financial change that is out of your control. This could be due to an external factor, such as the company you bank with having internal issues, or it could be due to unexpected losses.

It is important to be flexible and have good adaptability to these changing situations, as preparation is always needed. Alternatively, the Wheel of Fortune can sometimes appear in situations of taking financial risks, investments, or gambling situations that take a turn for the worse.



If you have been having well-being issues for some time, the Wheel of Fortune can suggest that your wellness is beginning to turn in your favour. The Wheel of Fortune is also a card of endings and new beginnings, so any well-being issues may be coming to a positive end.

Alternatively, it is important to go with the flow, as the Wheel of Fortune appearing can suggest that you may need to make some important changes in your life.


The Wheel of Fortune can suggest that luck may be falling out of your favour regarding your well-being. There may be unexpected wellness issues coming into your life, and these may be caused by external factors that are affecting your well-being.

It is important to remain positive and take positive steps to improve your health. It is important to practice mindfulness, learn to adapt to these changing situations, and not let the situation control how you react.


As an individual, the Wheel of Fortune tends to represent an individual who may seem a 'happy-go-lucky' type. They may be overly optimistic and open to new adventures and opportunities.

They will likely take new risks and see them as lessons to learn and take failures as steps toward success. Sometimes these individuals can be prone to gambling, betting, or taking financial risks.


The Wheel of Fortune card in tarot carries numerous positive connotations and advantages. It symbolises the nature of life, suggesting that change is inevitable and can bring about new opportunities and growth.

This card encourages individuals to embrace uncertainty and trust in the natural order of things, knowing that each turn of the wheel offers the potential for positive transformation.

It signifies luck, fortune, and serendipity, indicating that favourable circumstances may be on the horizon. Moreover, the Wheel of Fortune reminds individuals of their agency in shaping their destiny, empowering them to make choices that can lead to favourable outcomes.


Conversely, the Wheel of Fortune also has its negatives and disadvantages. When appearing in a reading, it can signify sudden changes or upheavals that may disrupt stability and cause uncertainty.

This card warns against becoming complacent or overly reliant on luck, as it may lead to missed opportunities or unexpected setbacks. Additionally, the Wheel of Fortune reversed may indicate resistance to change, missed opportunities, or a lack of control over one's circumstances.

It serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and adaptable in the face of life's fluctuations, urging individuals to actively seek ways to navigate challenges and turn their fortunes in a positive direction.




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