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Eight of Wands | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Eight of Wands is a card of speed, velocity, and travel. It can indicate fast-paced action and movements. It is usually a positive card of things falling into place, allowing room for freedom and space

The Eight of Wands Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meanings

Speed, velocity, travel, celebration, direction, goals, attraction, success, passion, excitement, positivity, rapid situations, high energy, quick romance.

Scattered energy, cancellations, delays, rushing, lack of direction, ungrounded, lack of energy, passionless, no drive, impulsivity, impatience, lack of control.

Imagery & Symbolism

Eight of Wands
Eight of Wands

Flight: The flight of the wands through the air suggests freedom and travel at high speed.

River: Represents the calmness of emotions, intuition, and travel.

Sprouting Wands: Symbolises growth and progress.

Small Hill: The hill is off in the distance and suggests a very small obstacle or hindrance, however as it is far away, it is likely to be overcome with ease.


Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings


The Eight of Wands appearing in a general reading is typically a positive card of things coming together at a positive speed. It can indicate speed, velocity, and travel at a fast pace so can indicate a busy time of increased work and productivity. It is also an indication of strong energy and enthusiasm that can be put toward projects.


The Eight of Wands can indicate delays in getting projects done, which can make situations move slower than usual. Alternatively, the Eight of Wands can suggest moving too fast to the point of making mistakes and prioritising quantity over quality.



The Eight of Wands appearing in a love or relationship reading can indicate intense rises of passionate moments within relationships. Relationships are likely to progress quickly and smoothly, without any obstacles or hindrances to prevent you both from moving forward.


The Eight of Wands can indicate relationships that move too fast because they are overshadowed by too much passion yet lack the maturity of a slow build of love. It can be an indication of short-term and non-serious relationships fuelled by passion rather than commitment.



The Eight of Wands appearing in a career, business- or job-related reading can indicate a fast-paced work environment in which you are making good progress. It is likely that you can put all your effort into being committed to your career, which allows you to make progress without any obstacles to slow down your growth. The Eight of Wands can also indicate a time of productivity and celebration within the workspace and a coming together of the things that are working out for you.


The Eight of Wands can suggest being overwhelmed due to your career or job being too much to handle. It may be that it is a time in your workplace when there is so much going on at once, and it is extremely busy, but you are unable to cope with the demands and pressure. It is important at this time to be mindful of your actions and slow down to reduce the stress you receive. Alternatively, the Eight of Wands can indicate a slow business environment that is lacking progressiveness.



The Eight of Wands appearing in a financial reading can indicate a sudden increase in your financial situation or your motivation to increase your finances. Any financial goals can likely be reached with ease without obstacles or delays preventing you from obtaining them. It can also indicate big spending on overseas holidays or travels when paired with a travel-related tarot card - particularly when supported by The Chariot.


The Eight of Wands can indicate blockages or delays that are preventing you from reaching your financial goals. You may be distracted or too busy to focus on achieving these goals. There may be a lack of progress or direction when it comes to your finances, particularly when it comes to knowing where to invest your finances.



The Eight of Wands appearing in a health-related reading can indicate a speedy recovery from illness. If you are looking to gain optimal health, now is a great time to invest your time and energy into improving your health and lifestyle habits.


The Eight of Wands can indicate a slow recovery due to a new obstacle getting in the way of the betterment of your health. It is important to take time to rest, be mindful and rejuvenate yourself so that you can recover your health steadily. You may be rushing around too much and are extremely busy, which can be impacting negatively on your health.


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