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Five of Pentacles | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Five of Pentacles depicts an image of two people walking past a mosaic window with five pentacles in the glass. They wear ripped and patched-up clothing and also look injured with bandages and crutches. They have no shoes and are walking barefoot in the snow.

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Loss, difficult times, financial instability, lack of hope and support, bad news, unemployment, job losses, homelessness, scarce poverty, slow healing, temporary setbacks

Overcoming isolation and loneliness, finding employment, the redemption of reputation, finding support, finding your faith, freedom from debts or stress, forgiveness, recovery, and coming out of recession.

Imagery & Symbolism

Five of Pentacles
Five of Pentacles

Mosaic Window: The mosaic window can be seen as possibly a church or spiritual sanctuary where you can find support.

Crutches and Bandages: The characters are injured, which suggests they have gone through a difficult time or have had bad news.

Patched Clothing: In divination, patched clothing can signify loss or poverty.

Snow: Snow is a sign of the winter period, which is known as the 'winter blues' or where most need to survive the harsh winter.


Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings


The Five of Pentacles appearing in a general reading will typically indicate a heavy loss in your finances, career, materials, time, or resources. This loss will give you setbacks and can affect you negatively. You have scarce resources and must use your time wisely to heal and recover your losses. This is only a temporary setback, and you must not lose hope.


It is a time for healing and a slow recovery from your losses and setbacks. You can hold onto more hope, and find support and freedom from negative setbacks. If you are stressed, now it will be released. You need to find some support and have faith in your ability to recover



In a relationship reading, the Five of Pentacles will suggest there is a loss and lack of relationship development. This may be because your financial situation and stability are impacting your relationships. For example, if you are in debt, this may be affecting your relationship with your partner.


The Five of Pentacles in reverse can represent relationships and romances that 'go through thick and thin together'. This is a trial to get through, and when you overcome your difficulties your relationship with your partner will be stronger than ever. You are overcoming your losses one step at a time, and being supported by your partner will make you stronger.



In a reading that is work-related, the Five of Pentacles' interpretation is that there is a loss or setback in your career and work. Your business or job may have suffered great losses, which is causing you to have a difficult time. You must use your resources scarcely, and focus on what you can do to recover rather than what you have lost. Alternatively, the Five of Pentacles can be a card of the job-seeker, meaning you are out of work and are searching for new hope.


The Five of Pentacles in reverse means you are going through a recovery period for your work and business. You may be experiencing a redemption of your losses and reputation, and are feeling less insecure about your finances and position. Also, you may have found a new opportunity for work or a job that you will take on - this can be supported by cards like the Ace of Pentacles.



In a financial-related reading, the Five of Pentacles means you are suffering large financial losses and setbacks. You could be in debt and are trying to pay them off, or have been paid less than usual. You may also have incurred losses of money elsewhere. You must spend wisely, as you will not have a lot of fortune for a temporary amount of time. However, this is temporary and will recover eventually.


The Five of Pentacles in reverse can mean that money is slowly coming in. You are recovering what you have lost, and although it has been damaging, you are beginning to see financial hope for the future. You may also be successfully finding work, or paying off financial debts that have been long overdue.



The Five of Pentacles is typically a bad omen in a wellness reading. It can mean that your wellness is suffering great losses. You may be injured, or your wellness has gone downhill due to the negative circumstances surrounding you. This is a short temporary period that will recover if you find support and hope. Don't neglect your well-being. Ask for spiritual healing from your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. If Temperance supports this card, you are going through an intense healing period.


The Five of Pentacles in reverse can suggest your health is slowly recovering. You are finding the support and hope that you lacked, and may also be discovering solutions to your health problems. Your self-confidence may also show an improvement as your health gets better.



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