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Three of Wands | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Three of Wands is a card that embodies patience and consistency. Typically, this card will appear when you are waiting for rewards and brings a sense of fulfilment due to the completion of short-term or smaller goals.

Three of Wands Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Patience, opportunities, expansion, rewards, manifestation, next steps, progress, planning, foresight, future goals, waiting for travel and adventure.

Lack of foresight, impatience, unwanted outcomes, the regret of choices and decisions, limitations, lack of progress, restriction, lack of travel and adventure.

Imagery & Symbolism

Sunset: The beautiful sunset in the distance is a reminder of the difficulties in the day coming to an end, and that there will be a new day tomorrow.

Sprouting Wands: Signifies growth, forward movement and progress.

Hills: Symbolises the small trials and obstacles that will always be on the horizon.

Facing Away: The figure is looking out towards the horizon, meaning he is seeking change and is in deep thought about his choices and future.

Water: The calm waters are a reminder to go with the flow and follow the current, they are also a sign of emotions and the unconscious.

Ships: These can be significant for travel or going long-distance.


Three of Wands Tarot Card Meanings


When the Three of Wands is pulled in a general reading, it typically indicates waiting for more opportunities to come that will enhance your future happiness. These are usually opportunities that will allow you to expand your skillset or take action to make progress in your life. The Three of Wands is also a great card for progressing in your life and expanding your horizons for the better, as it brings about adventure and confidence.


The Three of Wands can indicate a lack of progress and forward movement in your life, which can contribute to diminished confidence and motivation. It can be a sign of restriction or reaching limitations and obstacles you a struggling to overcome.

This can result in frustration and delays. It is important to plan out your future step by step, overcoming difficulties one at a time. The Three of Wands appearing in this situation is only a short-term difficulty, and can also suggest that you will overcome it with planning and patience.



When the Three of Wands appears in a relationship-related reading, it can indicate waiting for the next step or progress within a current relationship. Your relationship may be ready to take the following steps, and hints are being given by at least one partner.

This can also be an indication of partners being prepared to move in together when supported by the Four of Wands, and creating a solid and comfortable foundation.

If you are single, this card symbolises waiting for the next relationship to come along and seeking out opportunities to do so. It is important to know that this is a card of action, and the relationship opportunities will not come about if you are waiting without making moves.


The Three of Wands can signify progressing too quickly in a relationship, particularly if one partner is not ready to make progress. There could be a lack of patience or too much speed, causing you to feel euphoric and want progress, however, this will be built on unsteady foundations due to a lack of foresight.

Alternatively, the Three of Wands is an indication of obstacles and lack of progress in relationships, where there may be stagnant energy where your relationship/s is unable to move forward.



The Three of Wands in relation to a career, job or business reading can signify confident progress and expansion in your determined career path. It is likely that new opportunities are on the horizon, and you have lots of options to choose from. It is a great time to get motivated and start planning your future ahead. The Three of Wands can also indicate waiting for a reward for your efforts, such as extra income, a promotion, or a successful job offer.


The Three of Wands appearing can indicate obstacles in your career that are causing you a lack of progress and growth. You may be feeling that your current job or path you are on is lacking adventure and advancement.

This can be because your job is not allowing you to progress or learn new things and is causing you to stay in one place and feel restricted. It is important, to be honest with your managers and request advancement or further training, which can help you progress up the career ladder.



The Three of Wands appearing in a financial-related reading is a great card to say that your financial income will increase very soon. You may likely be rewarded for your efforts and money is coming towards you. This can be due to payday coming up, or extra income being received. The Three of Wands can also indicate your financial goals progressing nicely whilst you are nearing the end of this goal.


The Three of Wands can indicate a lack of progress when it comes to reaching your financial goals. It may be that the goals you have set are not realistic or achievable, which may need reconsideration and planning. There may be short-term delays in achieving these goals, or there may be delays in payments entering your bank.



When the Three of Wands appears in a health-related reading, it can be a sign of recovery and successful progress in health. Motivation and confidence are likely to slowly come back, and any delays and obstacles will start to reduce. The Three of Wands can also indicate travelling overseas for a health condition or treatment.


The Three of Wands can indicate a health condition appearing whilst you are travelling or overseas. It can signify being impatient with your health, and not slowing down and thinking things through.



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