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Three of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Three of Cups can be interpreted as celebrations and eventful situations. Typically a card that involves groups of people and social communication can indicate a happy and momentous feeling surrounded by gifts and love.

Three of Cups Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meanings

Celebrations, birthdays, holidays, support groups, multiple options, friendships, colleagues, siblings, encouragement, events, communities, social engagements, the addition of children or pets, harvest, and growth.

Gossip amongst people, rivalry, neglect of social life, friends drifting apart, "three's a crowd", jealousy, bad influences, frenemies, infidelity, cancelled events and celebrations, 3rd wheels.

Imagery & Symbolism

Three of Cups
Three of Cups

Pumpkins: Symbolic of harvest and reaping rewards of successful manifestations.

Three Ladies Dancing: Symbolic of celebration and happiness.

Red, White, and Orange: Each of the women are wearing three differently coloured robes. Red can symbolise action and motivation, orange symbolises creativity and emotions, and white symbolises purity, innocence, and youth.


Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings


The Three of Cups making an appearance in a general reading can predict there will be a social event or gathering, involving groups of people. Alternatively, the Three of Cups can also indicate preparation and planning for the harvest of rewards and completed projects.


The Three of Cups can predict feeling like an outcast or shunned by other people - although not common. It can depict a feeling of loneliness and isolation from peers, friends, and family. Alternatively, the Three of Cups can suggest that a planned event or occasion has been cancelled.



The Three of Cups making an appearance in a love and relationship reading can indicate groups of friends and acquaintances outside of the relationship having an influence. It is possible that you are friends with your partner's friends, or that you could be meeting new friends of your partner's very soon.

This will be a social time and a chance to get your fun side out to others. Embrace the situation! Alternatively, the Three of Cups can indicate celebratory group occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and parties.


The Three of Cups can indicate the appearance of a third-party individual. This is one of the cards in the tarot that can indicate infidelity in relationships - meaning that someone else is involved. However, this can also signify third parties such as family members and friends interfering and hurting a relationship. When supported by the Three of Swords, The Devil, or the Seven of Swords, I would interpret this as infidelity.



The Three of Cups making an appearance in a career, job or business-related reading can predict that you are likely to work in a group or as a team effort with your colleagues. There most likely is a creative and fun project that you will need to be part of, where planning and preparation are needed so you can reap the rewards at the end.


The Three of Cups can suggest working alone on a group project and possibly having all of the workload left on you. This can predict a lack of team effort when it comes to contributing to tasks and can lead to failed projects. Alternatively, morale in the workplace may be low due to projects failing or not turning out as anticipated - this can be supported by the Five of Pentacles.



The Three of Cups in a financial reading can predict the spending of money at social gatherings and parties. It will likely be an enjoyable time, and it may be an indicator of having to spend money on others - this is supported by the Six of Pentacles.


The Three of Cups can indicate losing money because of others. It may be that your friends are taking advantage of you and instead are gossiping about you behind your back whilst making use of your finances. This can be supported by the Seven of Swords.



The Three of Cups in relation to wellness can be a positive sign of a celebration or event. This can be due to the recovery from illness. Alternatively, if you are expecting, this can be a positive sign of the birth of a new child, or addition to the family - particularly if a supporting card such as The Empress or a Page of Cups appears.


The Three of Cups can symbolise partying too much and alcoholism. Although this meaning is rare, it can be a prediction of overindulgence at events. When this card appears, try to moderate your intake and find balance.



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