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Page of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Imagery & Symbolism

Page of Cups
Page of Cups
  • Waves: Water represents emotion and the waves show the changing state or the Page of Cups' emotional state.

  • Fish: The blue fish is symbolic of creativity and emotion.

  • Feather: Symbolises spiritual awakenings and wisdom.

Characteristics & Personality

The Page of Cups is an individual who is set on fulfilling their heart-centered goals. They are kind by nature, and only want what is best for themselves and everyone else.

The Page of Cups has a lot of love to give and also needs to receive a lot of love in return. They are focused on nurturing loving relationships with the people around them. They are a young and caring soul.

Positives & Advantages

The Page of Cups is gentle, innocent, and pure. Their intentions come from the good inside their heart. The Page of Cups can indicate a new romance blooming with someone you can open your heart up to.

Alternatively, the Page of Cups can indicate new beginnings in a creative endeavour that will feed your soul. You will be able to put all your focus into this endeavour.

The Page of Cups is a great card for spiritual development and intuition. You have heightened sensitivity and psychic awareness.

Sometimes, the Page of Cups can indicate good news is coming your way.

Negatives & Disadvantages

The Page of Cups can often be described as naive and too innocent for their own good. This can leave them being easily manipulated because they are led by their emotions and hearts rather than their head.

The Page of Cups is emotionally immature, which means they can come across as clingy or needy around others. This can cause people to cut them off or become distant due to being annoyed.

Sometimes, the Page of Cups can also indicate that you or someone else has a lack of experience in romantic relationships.

Situations & Themes

RELATIONSHIPS: The Page of Cups is open to love and is inexperienced in relationships. They may be easily taken advantage of by others. They can be clingy and seek attention from those close.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Page of Cups suggests you are in a career or business position which shows you are inexperienced but open to learning. You have a loving and caring nature in your career, but there is still a lot to learn. The Page of Cups can suggest creative careers and caring roles.

FINANCES: The Page of Cups is inexperienced with money. They are more focused on romantic and creative pursuits and may spend for this specific gain. Although they care about their financial situation, they may not put effort into it.

Tarot Card Combinations

Page of Cups + Ace of Cups = A new romantic relationship.

Page of Cups + Ace of Pentacles = A new career or job in a creative role.

Page of Cups + The Empress = Pregnancy, the possibility of a baby girl.

Page of Cups + Six of Cups = An ex-flame or old friendship returning.

Page of Cups + The Devil = Unhealthy obsessions with romantic pursuits.

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