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Queen of Wands | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Queen of Wands embodies confidence and high energy, characterised by her deep care for friends, family, and social circles. Her vibrant energy attracts positivity, making her a magnet for good things. Extroverted and dynamic, the Queen of Wands often signifies a period of enjoyment and connection within an established social network.

Queen of Wands tarot card surrounded by crystals
Queen of Wands Tarot Card

Queen of Wands Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Cares about friends, high social position, loves gossip, life of the party, extroverted, fun, loving, vibrant, attracts, can be materialistic, opportunistic

Lacking self-respect, lack of confidence, no social life, reputational damage, gossip about you, all about you

Imagery & Symbolism

Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands

Black Cat: In divination, Black Cats are seen to be familiars of protection, and are associated with Witches.

Sunflower: Flowers represent creativity and life, and sunflowers in particular are a symbol of growth and happiness.

Crown: A symbol of divinity and higher purpose, the crown is representative of the highest spiritual attainment possible and authority.

Red/Yellow Robe: The colour red symbolises passion, action, vitality, and opportunity.

Clear Sky: The sky is clear, which means the path ahead is clear to move forward.

Throne: Thrones represent authority and respect.

Lions: In divination, lions symbolise strength, courage, and power.


The Queen of Wands is known to be the life of the party. She is popular, ambitious, and cunning. She is the ultimate socialite and uses her popularity and social skills to reach her goals.

She cares about her friends and hobbies a lot and takes time to nurture and develop loving relationships with those around her. She knows how to lift up people's spirits if they are feeling low, and knows what to do to make a boring situation become an adventurous experience.


The Queen of Wands is known to be friendly and sociable, which makes her a popular figure to be around. She has high ambitions and is great at business. She has a natural affinity for developing relationships with both people and animals.

As an advantage, the Queen of Wands is great in leadership roles and positions of social responsibility. If you are entering business roles, the Queen of Wands indicates you have great power and influence in your role.


Traditionally, the Queen of Wands is known to be the centre of attention. This can be jealousy and gossip, and sometimes, the Queen of Wands can be part of that gossip.

Also, as a social creature, the Queen of Wands can be seen as 'bossy' and too demanding. She may have overly high expectations of others, and her explosive nature can make her seem like someone you shouldn't mess with.

When the Queen of Wands makes her appearance in a tarot reading, it can indicate a domineering female who likes to take control will appear in your situation.


RELATIONSHIPS: The Queen of Wands is a great friend for advice and is a great individual to be in a relationship with. She is adventurous and willing to take risks. However, the Queen of Wands is also known to be domineering and focused on her own needs. She may put her own ambitions before yours.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Queen of Wands has an entrepreneurial trait that allows her to be an influential and skilled leader. You are likely creative, ambitious, and mature in your leadership.

FINANCES: The Queen of Wands loves money and power. She has a greedy nature to obtain good money, which can make her ruthless when pursuing material luxuries. This can suggest big spending on material objects or controlling money to a high degree.



Queen of Wands + Three of Cups: Popularity among a social circle.

Queen of Wands + The Empress: Active motherhood.

Queen of Wands + Page of Swords: Powerful and influential gossip.

Queen of Wands + Four of Pentacles: A power-hungry and materialistic female.


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