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Page of Pentacles | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Page of Pentacles | Tarot Card Meanings & Interpretations


Page of Pentacles
Page of Pentacles
  • Scarf: The scarf symbolises security and warmth against poverty.

  • Landscape: The landscape is rich and vibrant with life, still with small hurdles.

  • Green: The earthy green and yellow colours represent being grounded and practical.

  • Action: Notice the character stairs at the pentacle; this represents their focus on their time, money and resources.


The Page of Pentacles is focused on money and material pursuits. They may be in education and tend to have a young energy that seems mature beyond their years. The Page of Pentacles is the most mature court card out of the pages, and they tend to be practical and achieve their career or financial goals.

As a Page of Pentacles, they are still new to many things. They will typically appear in a reading when you need to learn to manage your money or are in a new role in your work or career.


The Page of Pentacles focuses on earning money, studying, or being competent in what they do. They are a trustworthy individual and are focused entirely on their ambitions. If the Eight of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles also make an appearance, it can suggest self-study, or learning in a classroom environment.

They can signify an opportunity or offer, a job offer, or a potential career move or change. This is very positive.

The Page of Pentacles can also indicate going into education and being the learner of a new field you have ventured into.


The Page of Pentacles, although focused, is still immature about their finances and work. They may still be prone to making mistakes or even be a big spender with their money.

They have a lot to learn about the material world, and the Page of Pentacles' appearance could be a sign that you need to start saving up or learn how to manage your money.

Sometimes, if the Page of Pentacles appears as you or another person, this could signify that this individual is losing you money. If you receive the Page of Pentacles in an outcome position, this can also be bad as your money is not growing, and neither are you.

In a relationship reading, the Page of Pentacles could predict an unstable relationship where there is a lack of commitment.


RELATIONSHIPS: The Page of Pentacles can mean that you should focus more on financial pursuits than relationships. There may be a good foundation for relationships, but they must be built upon and secured first. If the Page of Pentacles appears as an outcome, it can predict a lack of commitment and instability.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Page of Pentacles is an excellent card for your career or business. It can represent new job opportunities or promotions and can signify studying on the job.

FINANCES: The Page of Pentacles tends to be a big spender and is frivolous with their money. They don’t know how to manage it and should focus on learning how to handle their money before they use it in vulnerable ways.


Page of Pentacles + Ace of Pentacles = New job opportunities or promotions.

Page of Pentacles + The Empress = The birth of a healthy baby, traditionally a girl.

Page of Pentacles + Four of Pentacles = Learning how to manage your money, time, and resources.

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