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Page of Pentacles | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Page of Pentacles will typically indicate having beginner-level skills in financial endeavours. This card will usually appear when new beginnings are occurring in your career, work or home, and will indicate learning skills and knowledge about material concepts.

The Page of Pentacles tarot card surrounded by crystals
Page of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Page of Pentacles embodies the essence of practicality and ambition, heralding the onset of new opportunities in the realm of material and financial affairs. This card signifies a period of learning and growth, where one is encouraged to approach tasks with diligence and dedication.

It suggests a readiness to embark on ventures that promise long-term stability and prosperity, emphasizing the importance of laying solid foundations for future success. The Page of Pentacles invites individuals to adopt a responsible and resourceful mindset, recognising the value of hard work and persistence in achieving their goals.

Overall, this card serves as a reminder to embrace opportunities for growth and development, leveraging one's skills and talents to manifest tangible results in the material world.

Page of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

A practical and diligent approach, a focus on learning and education, the manifestation of goals and ambitions, the beginning stages of a new financial or material venture, a sense of responsibility and reliability, a connection to nature and the earth, a willingness to work hard and learn new skills, a sense of stability and security, and an appreciation for the value of resources and investments

A lack of focus or direction, difficulties in practical matters or learning, setbacks in material or financial pursuits, irresponsibility or unreliability, disconnect from nature or the physical world, laziness or unwillingness to put in effort, instability or insecurity, and wastefulness or mismanagement of resources.

Imagery & Symbolism

Page of Pentacles tarot card surrounded by crystals
Page of Pentacles Tarot Card

The imagery of the Page of Pentacles often depicts a young person standing in a lush landscape, holding or gazing at a pentacle. The figure's attire may suggest a practical or down-to-earth demeanour, while the surroundings convey a sense of abundance and potential.

The pentacle symbolises material wealth and the earthly realm, serving as a focal point for Page's aspirations and endeavours.

Overall, the imagery evokes a sense of groundedness and readiness to embark on practical pursuits or financial ventures.

Young Person: Represents the youthful energy and potential for growth and learning.

Lush Landscape: Symbolises fertility, abundance, and the potential for growth and prosperity.

Pentacle: Signifies material wealth, financial security, and the tangible aspects of life. It also represents the element of earth and practicality.

Tunic and Attire: Reflects a down-to-earth and practical demeanour, emphasizing the importance of responsibility and reliability.

Tools or Implements: Often seen in the Page's hands or nearby, indicating a willingness to work hard and learn new skills necessary for success.

Garden or Farming Equipment: Suggests a connection to nature and the land, as well as the idea of cultivating resources for future growth and abundance.

Greenery and Blooms: Symbolise vitality, growth, and the potential for fruitful outcomes.


Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings


The tarot court cards encompass Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings, each symbolising individuals or specific personality traits. They may also reflect qualities we lack, offer guidance, or highlight traits we need to embrace.

Interpretations of court cards vary among tarot readers, impacting readings significantly. Some view them solely as representations of people, while others use them as significators, reflecting the seeker's circumstances.

Traditionally, Pages in tarot readings signify youthful energy and fresh endeavours within their respective suits. For instance, the Page of Pentacles represents a grounded and mature young child who may find comfort in material pursuits.


The Page of Pentacles is focused on money and material pursuits. They may be in education and tend to have a young energy that seems mature beyond their years.

The Page of Pentacles is the most mature court card out of the pages, and they tend to be practical and achieve their career or financial goals.

As a Page of Pentacles, they are still new to many things. They will typically appear in a reading when you need to learn to manage your money or are in a new role in your work or career. There is plenty of room for growth, and you should learn to manage your material wealth, finances and assets.


The Page of Pentacles focuses on earning money, studying, or being competent in what they do. They are a trustworthy individual and are focused entirely on their ambitions. If the Eight of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles also make an appearance, it can suggest self-study, or learning in a classroom environment.

They can signify an opportunity or offer, a job offer, or a potential career move or change. This is very positive.

The Page of Pentacles can also indicate going into education and being the learner of a new field you have ventured into.


The Page of Pentacles, although focused, is still immature about their finances and work. They may still be prone to making mistakes or even be a big spender with their money.

They have a lot to learn about the material world, and the Page of Pentacles' appearance could be a sign that you need to start saving up or learn how to manage your money.

Sometimes, if the Page of Pentacles appears as you or another person, this could signify that this individual is losing you money. If you receive the Page of Pentacles in an outcome position, this can also be bad as your money is not growing, and neither are you.

In a relationship reading, the Page of Pentacles could predict an unstable relationship where there is a lack of commitment, this is particularly true if it appears as an outcome card for long-term relationships.


NEWS/MESSAGE: The Page of Pentacles can predict a message or news regarding your stability, assets or finances in the future. Usually, this will be good news and can indicate a change in your circumstances.

RELATIONSHIPS: The Page of Pentacles can mean that you should focus more on financial pursuits than relationships. There may be a good foundation for relationships, but they must be built upon and secured first. If the Page of Pentacles appears as an outcome, it can predict a lack of commitment and instability.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Page of Pentacles is an excellent card for your career or business. It can represent new job opportunities or promotions and can signify studying on the job.

FINANCES: The Page of Pentacles tends to be a big spender and is frivolous with their money. They don’t know how to manage it and should focus on learning how to handle their money before they use it in vulnerable ways.



Page of Pentacles + Ace of Pentacles: New job opportunities or promotions that include a pay increase.

Page of Pentacles + The Empress: The birth of a healthy baby, traditionally a girl. Also a mother-figure to a healthy and stable child.

Page of Pentacles + Four of Pentacles: Learning how to manage your money, time, and resources.




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