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King of Swords | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings


King of Swords
King of Swords
  • Crown: Symbolises the crown chakra, and relates to intelligence and power of the mind.

  • Direction: The direction the character is facing is at the reader, showing he is direct and straightforward.

  • Clouds: The clouds represent thinking and the mind.


The King of Swords is very experienced when it comes to dealing with conflict. They are mature and are usually an expert in their chosen field. You can usually go to the King of Swords for great advice about a particular topic in their field.

The King of Swords can hold their own in an argument, and 9/10 times will likely win. They will judge and assess you greatly, and use that to make their decisions. The King of Swords is authoritative and can be a great teacher.


The King of Swords is highly intelligent and has great communicative schools. They are wise and use all their capabilities to their advantage.

If he appears, you can objectively weigh up your decisions and scenarios to your own benefit. Your situation is likely full of opportunities, but they can only be used to your advantage if you have the intellect and capability to do so.

Alternatively, the King of Swords could represent someone who is similar to a mentor or teacher and could be an important resource for your own benefit.


The King of Swords can be manipulative. They like to play games with the mind, which means they can easily manipulate others using their intelligence to their own advantage. They don’t care about being cold or ruthless, as long as they get their own benefit. This can be detrimental to relationships, and can sometimes turn toxic or mentally abusive.

He is also authoritative and may take advantage of their own power by being controlling of others or situations. They have a big ego and hate when they feel offended by people whose feelings aren’t on the same level as theirs.


RELATIONSHIPS: The King of Swords weighs up relationship decisions seriously, and can seem cold and calculating. They will likely win an argument, and may not care about their partner’s feelings.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The King of Swords is a leader and an authoritative figure in their field. They have the knowledge and expertise and are at the level of a teacher. They are successful and strong-minded.

FINANCES: The King of Swords is intelligent regarding their finances. They are able to be objective and strict when it comes to controlling their money situation.


King of Swords + The Emperor = A controlling and domineering male figure.

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